Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing aids have revolutionized the lives of those who suffer from hearing loss all around the world. However, they aren't cheap, and when it's time to replace our devices, most of us take a break. You can, however, postpone that experience by keeping your device in good working order. Here are some tips for protecting your hearing aid and ensuring that it continues to provide you with great hearing for many years to come.

How to handle hearing aid batteries

When it comes to hearing aid batteries, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When not in use, open the hearing aid's battery door to let moisture escape. This is beneficial to both the battery and the hearing aid. Do not store hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator, and do not remove any stickers off the batteries until they are ready to be inserted into the aid.

In the morning, check your batteries to make sure your hearing aids are charged and functional. Because we have grown to rely on hearing aids to connect us to the world around us, have a spare pair of batteries with you at all times.

You will need a hearing aid charging station if you use rechargeable hearing aid batteries. When you go to bed at night, place your hearing aids in the charging station and wake up with wholly charged batteries. Hearing aid batteries that are rechargeable may need to be replaced once or twice a year.

Hearing Aid Batteries

How to keep your hearing aid in tip-top shape

Hearing aids, like any other electronic devices, require daily maintenance and care to guarantee optimal performance. Here's a general hearing aid maintenance guide to help you keep your hearing aids in great shape!

What should you do if your hearing aid isn't working correctly?

Hearing aids are complex electrical devices, but they, like all electronics, can have faults and problems that must be resolved for them to function effectively. The issues can range from distorted or limited sound to feedback to the device not turning on at all.

Before you take them in for repairs, attempt to see if you can address the problem yourself. Here's how to do it:

  • Inspect the hearing aids: thoroughly inspect the system and remove any debris, wax, or other material that could act as a sound barrier.
  • Make sure it's turned on: It may sound obvious, but make sure your gadget is turned on! Remember to lock the door that holds the battery in place; if it doesn't close, replace the battery and turn the unit on.
  • Remove the battery: Check whether the battery is dead and replace it with a fresh one.

Bring it to us if you've tried everything and it still doesn't work! Our repairs might even be completed the same day. If we cannot resolve the issue, we will send it to someone who can. Contact us today to set up a repair appointment.

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Hearing Aid Repair